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Desert Sounds Harmony Entertains at Overlanders Day

October 1, 2018 - 6:40pm -- Grayce Forest

Desert Sounds Harmony entertains the crowd at the popular local Overlanders Day in September.  As hundreds of all ages passed through MacDonald Park, we sang our hearts out on stage directed by Maureen Smart. After our performance, we handed out our business cards in hope of acquiring potential members.  Event organizers responded to our performance with great enthusiasm saying they'd love to have us back.  So if you missed us this year, watch for us in the future!

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We are currently looking for new members, especially lower ranged voices

December 27, 2016 - 1:46pm -- Grayce Forest


-When you come out, you will be given temporary placement on the risers next to someone who sings the same part as you.

-Over the following few weeks you will have the opportunity to practice your singing part on the risers with the Chorus. Should

you choose to audition, you will sing your part against the other voice parts.

-We are pleased to help you out and support your preparation for the audition process and when you feel you are ready to

audition, you can give it a go!


We welcome new members of all experience levels to join. 


For membership and audition information please contact Deb Endean at 1 (250) 318-7290 or Leanna McBurnie at 1 (778) 220-0325

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